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Ex-Demo iRunner Treadmills Wine Red, Fold Flat, Stand Up-Right, Smart Treadmill

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Introducing the Ex display home use treadmill iRunner : Revolutionize your home fitness routine with this cutting-edge equipment, tailor-made for the UK fitness community. Combining innovation and space-saving design, it's the ultimate choice for those who demand top-notch performance and convenience.

🌠 Space-Saving Excellence: Crafted for modern living spaces, the iRunner Treadmill seamlessly integrates into your home gym setup. Its foldable design doesn't compromise on quality, offering versatility for everything from gentle walks to intense runs.

🌠 Performance Redefined: Experience a range of workouts to suit every fitness level with the iRunner. From leisurely strolls to vigorous sprints, this treadmill adapts to your evolving fitness goals, positioning itself as the premier choice for home fitness enthusiasts.

🌠 Quality at a Great Value: Despite its top-tier status, the iRunner remains an affordable option without skimping on quality. It's the perfect solution for those seeking a budget-friendly treadmill that delivers exceptional performance.

🌠 Cutting-Edge Features: Engineered with a curved design, the iRunner provides a more natural running experience. Packed with advanced features to enhance your workout, it stands out among home fitness equipment.

🌠 Compact yet Powerful: Designed for homes with limited space, this compact treadmill doesn't compromise on effectiveness. Its foldable design ensures easy storage, fitting seamlessly into any home gym setup.

🌠 In Conclusion: The iRunner sets a new standard for home treadmills in the UK, offering innovation and functionality in one package. Whether you're starting your fitness journey or upgrading your home gym, it provides a balanced and effective workout for all users.

Enhance your home workout experience with the Fuji Health iRunner Treadmill today!

  • Specs

    Front cover folding and Display folding

    Display has three angle adjustment and rotate 120°to turnover for fitting the different people’s height

    High Sound Quality Loudspeakers can auto raise up when connect Bluetooth, and go down when disconnect Bluetooth

    Treadmill Area: 42x120cm

    Running Speed : 1-12 km/h

    Maximum Load: 120kgs

    8 Built-in Programs 

    Bluetooth Music, USB charge,

    Adjustable Stand for Iphnoe and Ipad

    Product size: 1625X600X1120mm

    Fold size: 1625X600X380mm 

    N.W/G.W: 50kgs/58kgs 

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