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Fuji BeHealthy Treadmills White | Home Treadmills | UK Foldable Running Machine| Cardio at Home

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Fuji Health BeHealthy Treadmills: The Smart Running Revolution!

🔹 Introduction:
Dive into the future of home fitness with the Fuji Health Treadmill, a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and innovative technology, making home running both efficient and delightful.

🔹 Space-Saving Design:
Boasting a minimalist streamline design, this treadmill is the quintessential choice for those keen on optimizing space without compromising on aesthetics. Plus, its ready-built structure ensures you won't waste precious time on assembly. Its sleek silhouette is sure to complement any room's décor seamlessly.

🔹 Performance and Comfort:
Beauty isn't just skin deep. The Fuji Health Treadmill is precision-engineered to offer an unparalleled running experience.

  • Authentic Experience: The premium cushioned running belt is designed to mimic the authentic sensation of running outdoors.
  • Stable and Silent: The quad-layered anti-slip platform offers stability, silence, and durability, ensuring your focus remains undistracted.
  • Intelligent Cushioning: Minimize the impact on your feet, legs, and joints. Every stride is cushioned, enhancing comfort and reducing wear and tear on your body.

🔹 Smart Features for the Modern User:

  • HD LED Touch Screen: Stay informed and in control. This intuitive display keeps you updated on your progress, making adjustments a breeze.
  • Customizable Workouts: Whether it's an intense sprint or a calm jog, adjust the slope and speed to tailor your session.
  • Health Monitoring: Integrated body fat and heart rate detectors ensure you're always aware of your health metrics.

🔹 Safety First:

  • Emergency Stop: The safety key provides peace of mind, allowing for an immediate stop during unforeseen situations.
  • Energy Saving: With its automatic standby feature, not only is it eco-friendly, but it also ensures a longer machine lifespan.

🌟 In Conclusion:
Why settle for the ordinary when the future is at your fingertips? The Fuji Health Treadmill is more than just equipment—it's an experience. Elevate your home workouts and invest in the best. Upgrade to the smart running experience today!

  • Specifications

    Running Surface - 47.2x16.5inch/1200x420mm

    Overall dimensions L,W, H-O(opened), H-C(closed) 163cmx59cmx120cm/49cm

    Inclination - 3 Levels

    Speed - 1.0 - 12.0 km/hr with Hot keys on Console

    Shock Absorption - Dual SoftFlex Spring Suspension on each side

    Running Belt - Diamond wave running belt widened Anti-slip side track

    Rollers - Steel crowned rollers, precisely machined & duly dynamic balanced

    Display - LED Display with 3D Smart Touch Keys

    Console Functions - Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Step-Count & Heart Beat

    Connectivity - Android and iOS via Bluetooth, 3D Smart Touch Keys on console, USB for Charging & Bluetooth Music

    BMI / Fat - It helps to know whether your fat is healthy or not

    Programs - 12 Pre-set Programs for efficient workout, 3 User-Defined Programs for Customised Workout & 3 Target based Modes

    Heart Rate - PulseHeart rate sensor on handrail

    Speaker - Hi-Fi Speaker

    iPad Holder - iPad Holder

    Other Features - Step function, Auto-Stop Human Detection, AutoLubrication, Speaker, BMI, iPad Holder and Compact Folding with Wheels for Easy Moving

    Input Power - Supply240V ± 10%

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