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Ex-Demo iRunner Treadmills Green, Fold Flat, Stand Up-Right, Smart Treadmill

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Introducing the iRunner Pantone Green: The Optimal Compact Home Use Treadmill Experience. Elevate your home fitness regimen with the Fuji Health iRunner Treadmill, an unrivaled addition to your personal gym setup. Infused with vibrant lime green accents, this revolutionary foldable treadmill seamlessly blends outstanding performance with a space-efficient design, setting a new standard for treadmill excellence among UK fitness enthusiasts.

🌠 Space-Efficiency Fused with Innovation: Tailored for contemporary living spaces, the iRunner Treadmill epitomizes ingenious space-saving solutions without compromising on quality. From leisurely strolls to high-octane runs, this treadmill caters to diverse fitness aspirations, making it a versatile cornerstone for any home gym.

🌠 Unparalleled Performance and Adaptability: The iRunner offers an array of workout options to accommodate all fitness levels. Whether embarking on a gentle walk or pushing the limits with a sprint, this foldable marvel evolves with your fitness journey, solidifying its position as the ultimate choice for home workouts.

🌠 Value and Quality United: Positioned among the leading running machines in the UK, the iRunner combines budget-friendly pricing with uncompromising quality. It's the preferred treadmill for those seeking affordability without sacrificing performance.

🌠 Cutting-Edge Features: With its curved design, the iRunner delivers an authentic running experience. Equipped with advanced features to elevate your exercise routine, it shines as a beacon in the realm of home fitness equipment.

🌠 Mighty in Compactness: Designed for homes where space is precious, this compact treadmill delivers a powerful workout experience. Its foldable design makes the iRunner a seamless addition to any home gym setup, emphasizing both convenience and functionality.

🌠 In Conclusion: The Fuji Health iRunner Treadmill emerges as a frontrunner in the UK's home treadmill market, boasting forward-thinking design and comprehensive features. Whether you're initiating or enhancing your home gym, it guarantees a holistic workout for users of all levels.

Elevate your home fitness journey with the lime green Fuji Health iRunner Treadmill today! Unlock a new level of treadmill excellence.

  • Specs

    • Foldable Design: Easily folds for compact storage, perfect for small spaces.
    • Display Flexibility: Display adjusts in three angles and rotates 120°, catering to users of various heights.
    • Bluetooth Loudspeakers: High-quality speakers elevate when in use and lower when not, for a tidy look.
    • Running Space: Generous 42x120 cm area supports a wide range of activities.
    • Speed Range: Adjustable from 1 to 12 km/h to suit different fitness levels.
    • User Capacity: Accommodates up to 120 kgs, welcoming a broad audience.
    • Program Variety: Features 8 built-in workout programs for diversified exercise.
    • Connectivity: Offers Bluetooth for music and a USB port for charging devices.
    • Device Stand: Includes an adjustable holder for both iPhone and iPad.
    • Dimensions: Measures 1625x600x1120 mm when unfolded; folds to 1625x600x380 mm.
    • Weight: Weighs 50 kgs net, 58 kgs gross, ensuring stability and ease of movement.

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